What kinds of aluminum profiles are there?

Extruded Aluminum Profiles:

Extruded aluminum profiles are created through a manufacturing process called extrusion. In this process, aluminum billets, which are heated and softened, are forced through a shaped opening in a die. As the aluminum passes through the die, the desired shape of the profile is formed. The extruded profiles are then cooled, stretched, and cut to the desired length.

What is an aluminum profile?

Common shapes and designs of extruded aluminum profiles
  1. Standard shapes: Extruded aluminum profiles come in a variety of standard shapes that are commonly used in various industries. These include angles, channels, beams, and T-sections. These shapes offer versatility in structural applications and are often used in framing, supports, and brackets.
  2. Custom profiles: In addition to standard shapes, extruded aluminum profiles can be custom designed to meet specific requirements. Custom profiles can have unique shapes and configurations tailored to specific applications. This flexibility allows for innovative designs and precise solutions in industries such as automotive, aerospace, and electronics.
  3. Heat sinks and thermal management profiles: Heat sinks and thermal management profiles are specialized extruded aluminum profiles designed to dissipate heat generated by electronic components. They typically have fins or other cooling features to increase the surface area for better heat transfer. Heat sinks are widely used in computer CPUs, LED lighting, power electronics, and other applications where effective heat dissipation is crucial.
  4. LED lighting profiles: LED lighting profiles are extruded aluminum profiles designed to house and protect LED light sources. These profiles provide structural support, heat dissipation, and shape the light distribution pattern for optimal illumination. LED lighting profiles are commonly used in applications like architectural lighting, signage, and general lighting.
  5. Solar panel frames and mounting profiles: Solar panel frames and mounting profiles are specialized aluminum profiles used in the solar energy industry for mounting and supporting solar panels. These profiles provide structural stability and enable easy installation of solar panels on various surfaces, such as rooftops or ground-mounted systems.

  6. Shower enclosure and window profiles:  Extruded aluminum profiles are used in the manufacturing of shower enclosures and window frames. These profiles provide structural stability, water resistance, and aesthetic appeal. They are typically designed with precision to ensure proper fit and functionality in shower enclosures and window systems.

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