Company Tour

  ( EASTEEL ) was established in 2008, located in China. We are professional manufacturer engaged in custom metal and palstic parts, such as  Aluminum Profile,  CNC Machining , Metal Stamping, Die Casting ,Lost Wax Casting , Plastic Injection and so on . 

Our Team

We have professional engineer teams, they are all specialist in Solidworks and AutoCAD, We can provide feasible solution and production process to help customers finally turn their ideas, designs to valuable parts with economic price. 


  Our custom extruded aluminum profiles are designed, manufactured and finished to meet the precise needs and specifications of our clients. Our team of experienced professionals work closely with each client to ensure that their custom designs are created to their exact specifications, with a high degree of accuracy and attention to detail.We work closely with our customers throughout the design and manufacturing process, providing them with detailed drawings and design specifications, and offering expert guidance and advice to help them achieve their desired results.


  Our ability to innovate stems from our willingness to embrace new technologies and techniques. We are constantly researching and exploring new ways of working with aluminum, and we are always looking for ways to improve our processes and increase efficiency.We also understand the importance of feasibility when it comes to innovation. While we are always pushing the boundaries, we never lose sight of the practical considerations that must be taken into account when designing and manufacturing custom extruded aluminum profiles. We understand that our clients require solutions that are both innovative and feasible, and ensure that the solutions we provide meet these criteria.